Galactic Earth Festival

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With unity and healing energy as the focus for this ceremonial gathering, the Galactic Earth Festival is a healing retreat of festivals in honor of World Peace and Prayer Day, which is the Summer Solstice. World Peace and Prayer Day was initiated by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, spiritual leader and 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Sioux nations. The Summer Solstice is a time of year that many ancestral lineages have historically acknowledged, by offering prayers and ceremonies to the Source, at sacred sites upon the Earth, to give praise and to honor the Source of The Light that is the Life Force that gives Life to all that is.

Looking Horse has connected with many tribes and indigenous peoples around the world, and has asked for everyone to go to their sacred sites, and offer their prayers and ceremonies as summer solstice ritual. This unity in prayer would be for the healing of our Earth Mother and the awakening of her children. That we see with our hearts and realize that all walks of life in all the Kingdoms of Nature's very existence depends upon a spiritual awakening of humanity . Without humanity coming together in collective consciousness, the prophecies of many indigenous people's, concerning the Heart of the World Dying, have only to come true in our day and age.

May we redirect our focus as a society toward more community-based independence and self-reliance, as we adopt the unity of being consciousness and hold the vision of healing for all. May we devote ourselves body, mind, heart and soul, to the awareness that we are using up and wearing out the 'resources' of the Earth. And may we come to realize that, in truth, the Earth is not 'resource' , but rather'The Source' for All of Life, for the present and future generations. May this be an opportunity to come together and plug into this network of spiritual leaders and tribal peoples, on the level of our collective prayers and ceremonial offerings on the Summer Solstice.

An invitation goes out to all to come with intention to Blend with the Land and Celebrate Life, as we journey into the enchanted realms of our hearts and souls for this 5-day retreat. As one, may we seek to actualize spiritual awakening and remembrance.

As we awaken, may we remember our ancestors, and the knowledge and wisdom of the ages that we have lost over the course of the industrialization of the Planet. With the prophecies of many indigenous cultures presently upon us, the time is NOW for humanity to awaken and activate our Light Bodies, to remember our own personal connection to the Source and to embark upon a healing journey. May we nurture our own relationship to the cosmos through the Cosmically Divine symbols of Heaven and Earth.

The Galactic Earth Festival will bring together the Rainbow Tribe of the Music and Dance Culture Community here on the West Coast. May we acknowledge the sacred within the cycles of our ritualistic lifestyles, as we acknowledge that we are truly one family, one tribe, from the full spectrum of colors and walks of life. May we collectively offer our revival of the tribal ritual where we come together to journey on the rhythm into the spiritual centers of our beings, where we move and groove at the speed of the Light, activating the Light Beings that we all have the potential to become. If you want to be one of the chosen simply choose Thy Self. Know Thy Self, Love Thy Self, Heal Thy Self, Love One Another and Love your Mother Earth and Father Sky! RSS Feed what is XML?

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